May 8, 2023

See the whole person

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You have heard us talk about person-centered care quite a bit on the podcast.

We think it is that important!

This week we talk with Carla Rauseo, a physical therapist who is researching this in her PhD.

She shares a great perspective from her view as a physical therapist trained in the U.S. and practicing in Trinidad.

We hope you enjoy it!

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Modern Pain Care is a company dedicated to spreading evidence-based and person-centered information about pain, prevention, and overall fitness and wellness

Carla RauseoProfile Photo

Carla Rauseo

Physical Therapist, Researcher, Blogger

Dr. Carla Rauseo, is a Trinidad- and US- licensed physical therapist, and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. She is co-owner of Total Rehabilitation Centre Limited in Trinidad, a private outpatient facility, and has been in clinical practice for the last 18 years. She is a candidate for a PhD in Physical Therapy at Nova Southeastern University in FL.
Carla has a strong interest in research and education on person-centered care in the context of value-based care. She is interested in what patients value in their healthcare experiences, particularly in developing countries such as the Caribbean and its diaspora. Her PhD research involves the application of an economic model of utility to attempt to understand what attributes of person-centered care are most valued by patients with chronic low back pain in the Caribbean and how these patients make decisions regarding their choice of healthcare providers. She also blogs about her PhD journey into the realm of person-centered care, discussing concepts, philosophies, and viewpoints and sharing about her own experiences as a healthcare provider in the clinic.
Carla is an avid outdoorswoman. In her spare time, she’s often hiking or cycling or doing some form of outdoor exploration which she uses as her own therapy and self-care…a critical strategy in the life of a modern-day healthcare worker!