April 24, 2023

Occupational Therapy in Pain Care

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How well do you recognize what our Occupational Thearpy colleagues bring to the table?

They are much more than simply ADLs and play huge roles in the successful management of pain.

Tune in this week and hear Megan Osgood Doyle discuss this and more!

Check out Megan on:
 Instagram at @meganosgooddoyle81112
Twitter at @MOsgoodDoyle

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Megan Doyle, MS, OTR/L, TPS, FPS, Cert-APHPTProfile Photo

Megan Doyle, MS, OTR/L, TPS, FPS, Cert-APHPT

Rehabilitation Clinical Program Manager - Outpatient Chronic Pain Program and Occupational Therapist

Megan graduated from Marquette University with a BS in Exercise Science and a Psychology Minor in 2010, then obtained a MS in Occupational Therapy from Indiana University in 2012. In her initial years as an occupational therapist, she worked in a multitude of settings focused on adult populations, including acute care, long term care, work site injury prevention, and outpatient ortho/neuro/post-concussion, but always felt drawn to mental and behavioral health, wellness, and pain management. She also has extensive experience working with the geriatric population. In 2017, Megan completed certification as a Therapeutic Pain Specialist, then in 2020 achieving her Fellowship in Pain Sciences, both through ISPI/EIM. In addition, she has certification as an Applied Prevention Health Promotion Therapist. She practices at a large health system in Boise, ID and used these skills initially to provide holistic pain treatment in an inpatient therapist role, also providing routine training in pain related topics to both nursing and therapy staff. In 2023, she transitioned to the role of Rehabilitation Clinical Program Manager for a new interdisciplinary outpatient chronic pain program, of which she also provides the occupational therapy services. Megan thrives on being an educator, routinely presenting at both local and national conferences as well as teaching courses on pain and wellness topics within the scope of occupational therapy and to a broader healthcare audience. She is also an active member of the American Occupational Therapy Association and the Idaho Occupational Therapy Association or IOTA, currently serving as the IOTA State Association President.