Ready to get rid of that sinking feeling you have because of the "difficult patient" on your schedule you feel you have no idea how to help?



You feel you university failed in preparing you for the massive complexity that lies in the clinic?
Tired of hearing what doesn't work and what we shouldn't do without any solutions?
Tired of staring blankly at droning online lectures that have zero interaction?
Tired of feeling like you are learning on an island with no help or guidance?
Want to join a community that genuinely is invested in moving the care of pain forward?
Want to be able to interact with the world's best and brightest clinicians, researchers, and patients?
Your excitement about the weekend CEU course wanes when you no longer have the course instructor to give feedback and application advice with your specific patients?

If it does, then you know how challenging it is to apply knowledge in real time with your unique practice and population

Shaun Underwood

Physical Therapist

Modern Pain Care has been a fantastic tool to broaden my knowledge on current concepts in treating and managing pain. Having instant access to lectures, Q&A’s,  community discussions, case studies, and other resources is valuable to clinicians who have little time to attend in-person courses, those wishing for mentor support, and professionals who want to be part of a web of like-minded clinicians and industry leaders striving to better our profession. 


We were tired of hearing our students in weekend courses feel like they needed more to truly be comfortable applying things in their practice.  The weekend course model was simply not meeting the needs of our students.  We also had people feeling stuck due to:

  • DPT school the fell far short of preparing them for what they are seeing in clinic daily
  • Courses that promised massive results and left people alone scratching their heads when the impressive demonstrations in class never materialized in clinic
  • Navigating social media where there is so much throwing of mud at each other versus posing solutions 
  • Being told they need to spend 10,000 hours or take some complex multi-course certification to develop expertise  
  • Not being able to travel away from home and/or family to pursue the courses they wanted to
  • Students who live in parts of the world that did not allow them to travel or attend live courses.

Join the Lifelong Learning Academy where we create experts in pain care through a transformative learning community of the world's best and brightest

No more passive reading of blogs, research, online lectures devoid of any active conversation or guidance.  No more weekend CEUs that have you feeling like you are back alone on your island on Monday. The #LEGIONOFCHNAGE is an active learning environment with the sole purpose of improving the understanding and care of those in pain across the world.


Active Learning

With Live Q&As, guest expert Q&As, our online community you will actively learn and grow with a community of like-minded individuals.  We get better together!


Our online community is for members only and is a place to share your questions, share research, discuss cases, and lean on your fellow academy members to grow and improve.  Lean on your peers for support!

We Walk the Walk

We are in the trenches with you and will be sharing our failures and successes. We are better together and we will not just be sharing highlight reels but the reality of the amazingly complex world of pain care

Our Full Commitment

We eat, sleep, and breathe this content.  It is our passion.  We are not going anywhere and are committed to helping as many people across the world better help those in pain. 

Be Part of the Change!

The academy has been created to be a massive change agent to help people across the world push their understanding and treatment of pain forward.  Our patients deserve clinicians who best understand their primary complaint which often of course is pain. 

Michael Aquino

Physical Therapist

I got asked to speak at the annual CA physical medicine and rehabilitation conference in Long Beach, CA thanks to all the increased knowledge I got from being part of your program 😄 The pain physician I work with at the chronic pain program I’m a part of invited me to speak after hearing the last presentation I gave about pain and he loved it!

Karina Lagoa

Osteopath, Physiotherapist - Brazil

My experiences with Modern Pain Care have all exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend this online course as a great opportunity to learn and discuss many concepts in pain science with Mark Kargela and Jarod Hall.  It was a great experience all knowledge shared by these pain educators and made a huge difference in my clinical reasoning and clinical practices. Thank you, guys.

Harold Pan

Physical Therapist

Since I went through the Modern Pain Care program, I have found massive success by recognizing the context of care, modifying my communication and altering my clinical environment and edifying my staff better. I am now seeking to optimize care for my clients as a solo practitioner.

Expert Workshops and Masterclasses

Join us as experts in clinical care, research, business, and the patient experience (OUR PATIENTS) join us to share their perspective and expertise

Research Reviews

Each month we will discuss research in relation to the month's topic.  You will get copies of articles and a research review to help you keep up with best evidence in relation to each topic

Case Studies

There comes a time where research, blogs, and online lectures reach their limit.  Our case studies will demonstrate the how-to with real patients.  

Live Q&As

Every month there will be live Q&As with Jarod and Mark to go over any questions or problems you are having in your practice. No worries if you cannot make it as you will be able to submit questions for us to answer prior to the meeting.

30 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee

When you join the Complete Clinician Lifelong Learning Academy you are 100% protected by our guarantee.  If we are not delivering on the value and content we have promised you can cancel at any time within the next 30 days.   Just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.  No hassles or headaches!



*all prices in USD - recurrent payment - cancel anytime - 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

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  • Access to the Complete Clinician Lifelong Learning Academy
  • Access to our Complete Clinician Online Community on Facebook
  • 50% off our Complete Clinician Course - SPECIAL ONE TIME OFFER