Transform the Way You Understand and Use Evidence in Your Practice

The evidence based practice movement has been an ongoing movement since the early 90s. 

While it has had some positive effects there are some serious issues that occur when applying population statistics to individuals. 

We can do better understanding the person and what constitutes evidence in each clinical encounter.

In this masterclass you will learn how

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Why Should You Attend the Unpacking the Complexity of Evidence Online Summit?

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No Travel

No need to travel and get stuck in a crowded clinic or conference room!

All presentations will be broadcast over the web so you can watch from the comfort of your own home.  See our schedule for details.  

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Expert Speakers

The speakers in our summit are world leaders in their fields.  The knowledge they will share will position you to best be able to assess and use the evidence that exists in every encounter


The Experts You Will Be Learning From In Unpacking The Complexity Of Evidence Virtual Masterclass

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Roger Kerry

Associate Professor in the Division of Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Sciences, University of Nottingham. PhD thesis: Causation and Evidence-Based Medicine (supervisor: Professor Stephen Mumford)

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Rani Lil-Anjum

Researcher in Philosophy and Principal Investigator of CauseHealth at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU). She leads the NMBU Centre for Applied Philosophy of Science together with Elena Rocca, where she works on the philosophical foundations of science with focus on causality, probability and dispositions.

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Mark Kargela

Clinical Assistant Professor Midwestern University, and Founder/Lead Instructor of Modern Pain Care.  In his current role, Mark supervises and practices in the Physical Therapy Institute at Midwestern University.  He also lectures nationally on chronic pain and incorporating modern science and current best evidence into physical therapy care and manual therapy treatments.   

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Matt Low

Consultant Physiotherapist in Musculoskeletal conditions at the Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. He is a Visiting Associate at the Orthopaedic Research Institute at Bournemouth University.

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Mick Thacker

Dr Mick Thacker is a Senior Consultant Physiotherapist, Lecturer and Researcher who started his PhD under the veritable godfather of pain science Professor Patrick Wall.  He previously ran the King's College London Msc pain science programme and currently teaches and researches out of London South Bank University.  

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Christine Price

Lived experiencer of pain since 2008. First patient representative on the executive board of the UK’s Physiotherapy Pain Association. She is co-author of ‘A person centered and collaborative model for understanding chronic pain.  Perspectives from philosophy, practice and a pain sufferer’ with Rani Anjum and Matthew Low.

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Joletta Belton

Joletta Belton is a storyteller, advocate, and lifelong student of what it means to be human. She makes sense of her pain through science and stories on her blog,, and is co-founder of the Endless Possibilities Initiative, a nonprofit organization with a mission of empowering people living with pain to live well

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David Nicholls

David is a Professor of Critical Physiotherapy in the School of Clinical Sciences, AUT University, Auckland, New Zealand.   He is the founder of the Critical Physiotherapy Network.

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Fiona Moffatt

Fiona is an Associate Professor at the University of Nottingham. Her clinical background is care of the critically ill patient and critical care rehabilitation. Her PhD (2013) explored Healthcare professionals' productivity and identity during austerity. Her research interests lie in sociology of the professions and implementation science, chronic pain and physical activity.

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Jerry Durham

Jerry Durham helps Physical Therapy Practice owners engage patients for great results. Following graduation from Physical Therapy school, Jerry practiced in a variety of settings, inpatient and outpatient, from small independent clinics to large hospitals and from the very beginning, Jerry questioned why there wasn’t an emphasis placed on treating patients as individuals, with unique concerns and objectives and why more effort wasn’t being made to develop true relationships with patients.

Are you ready to challenge what evidence means to you and most importantly your patients?

This masterclass will allow you to transform to a truly person-centered view of what truly can be considered evidence in the patient encounter


Unpacking the Complexity of Evidence Presentations


Rani Lill Anjum - Philosophical Foundations of Evidence and Challenges

David Nicholls - EBP as Evidence of a System Gone Wrong

Fiona Moffat - What's All This Got to do with Me and My Patient

Jerry Durham - Patient Success.  Beyond the Provider

Christine Price - My Persistent Pain Journey: In Pictures

Joletta Belton - Pain Narratives and Ethics

Roger Kerry - Evidence-Based Healthcare & N=1

Mark Kargela, Mick Thacker, & Matt Low - The Clinical and Research Perspective 

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Hi, I'm Your Host Mark Kargela

Clinician, CEO & Lead Instructor at Modern Pain Care

I create the complete clinician in clinics and communities across the world by helping people understand pain and position them to best be able to best help those they serve in pain. 

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