Come join us for a 2-day course that will have you helping even the most difficult patients on Monday

Everyone talks about pain science but no one shows you how to apply it.  Until now....

Dr. Mark Kargela is the founder of Modern Pain Care, a Therapeutic Pain Specialist, and national lecturer and teacher of how to incorporate pain science into practice and help even the most difficult patients.    

Dr. Jarod Hall is internationally known blogger and lecturer.   He has been able to take his own experience as an early career clinician and help others navigate their own journey from the limitations of traditional PT school teaching to the incorporation of modern science around pain to better work in the gray areas of clinical practice  

Approved for 11 CCUs through ProCert.  Total of 15 contact hours


PTs, PTAs, OTs, COTAs, MDs, DOs, NPs, PAs

What you get

  • Free access to our CEU approved Foundations of Pain course

  • 30 day free-trial to our Complete Clinician Lifelong Learning Academy

  • Access to our article library to use in your practice

  • Subjective Examination Guide and Worksheet: Use in your daily practice

  • Objective Examination Worksheet to Use in Practice

  • Treatment Worksheet - for use in practice to improve your clinical reasoning with any treatment


Course Objectives

At the end of this 2-day course the participant will 

1.  Understand pain neurobiology concepts of central sensitivity, neuropathic pain, nociplastic pain, conditioned pain modulation, exercise-induced hyperalgesia, allodynia, among others and how each term relates to daily practice
2.  Given a patient case presentation, be able to deduce the dominant pain mechanisms present in the patient presentation
3.  Be able to utilize pain neuroscience education in patient scenarios of fibromyalgia, low back pain, osteoarthritis, and CRPS 
4.  Given a patient case scenario, be able to design a therapeutic exercise program including graded exposure, graded activity, novel movements, and graded loading concepts
5.  Understand current mechanisms of manual therapy and how to apply manual therapy in light of modern neuroscience
6.  Articulate three reasons that neurodynamic tests should be utilized for evaluative and treatment purposes when interacting with the patient with neuropathic pain
7.  Understand contextual architecture and how to leverage it in practice
8.  Accurately define graded motor imagery and each of its three components and learn how to apply to current practice
9.  Understand a comprehensive patient management framework that gives a detailed biopsychosocial perspective on any patient presentation

Day One

8:00 Introductions
8:15  Pre-mortem Exam
8:50  Foundations in Pain Neuroscience
9:50  Break
10:00  Communication with the Lived Experience
11:15  Contextual Architecture
12:30-1:30 Lunch
1:30 Pain Science Education
2:30  NSLBP challenge
3:00 Continue Pain Education
4:05 Education Case Scenario and Lab
5:00 End

Day Two 

8:00 Day One Recap - Discussion
8:15 Joletta Belton's Story
9:15 Reflection on Joletta's Story
9:45 Patient Management Framework Review of Joletta's Story
10:45 Break
11:00 Exercise Introduction & Framework
11:45 Exercise Lab
12:30 LUNCH
1:30 Exercise Adherence 
2:00 Modern Manual Therapy 
3:00 Manual Therapy Group Cases 
4:00 Bringing It All Together
5:00 End

"My experiences with Mark have all exceeded my expectations. He is a champion of the patient voice who integrates the patient perspective into his practice and his teaching. He is a listener as well as an educator and goes above and beyond for his patients, students, and colleagues alike. Mark is a leader in modern pain care, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with and learn from him and look forward to what the future brings."

Joletta Belton
Blogger, International Lecturer, Patient Advocate

"There are many clinicians out there that pretend to know what they are doing and don't take the time to continue to keep up with the latest information and research. That is not the case with Jarod. Jarod takes on learning and teaching with excitement and enthusiastic curiosity and teaches others the most current information about best practices for patient care. Not only does he teach others, he takes complex information and concepts and makes them easy enough for anyone to understand. Talk about an amazing way to teach! I highly recommend taking his courses!"

Mark Milligan
Physical Therapist

"Jarod Hall is one of those people that just oozes passion for this profession. In my experience, all of my favorite professors, clinical instructors, and mentors have been extremely passionate. There is generally a correlate of intellect with passion as well, and he is one of the brightest minds I know. When you combine this level of passion with intellect, you get an extremely effective teacher and mentor. Jarod has always been someone I look up too in this field, and any students and professionals would be extremely lucky to have his guidance through a mentorship!"

Zak Gabor
Physical Therapist, Leader of Level Up Initiative

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