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The Blueprint To Modern Pain Care

 It's not about more techniques or tools!  It's about learning true psychologically-informed human-centered care

I spent 10 years trying to add more techniques and tools to my practice.  I thought more manual therapy and exercise systems and techniques were going to be the answer. 

I reached manual therapy fellowship and thought I had reached the pinnacle and would get the answer to why I was struggling with patients in pain that were anything but the textbook definition I was taught in school. 

Then I saw my highly respected mentors failing with the same patients I got into fellowship to help. Uh oh....

Thankfully I had the ability to be taught by Joel Bialosky and Steve George in a Why Manual Therapy Works course and took a pain science course.

A MASSIVE LIGHT BULB MOMENT FOR ME!!!   When we look at our patients whether we're applying manual therapy, exercise, or any intervention for that matter, we need to see the entirety of that person.  Their thoughts, beliefs, behaviors are just a few of many factors that can have massive impact on their experience.

I needed to stop focusing strictly on a bottom-up approach and learn how to help people both from the top-down and bottom up.

It has been the most rewarding care I have ever provided and I am now helping people I had no shot at in the past.

You want the same journey?  Are you traveling down the same road?  Do you want to struggle for 10 more years?

Save the suffering and join us in the #LEGIONOFCHANGE and become the Complete Clinician to get you moving to an expert in pain IMMEDIATELY.

Apparently the primary complaint of the vast majority of our patients is pain.  Seems to make sense to develop an expert level understanding....

Listen to Harold Pan's Story 

I am 2 1/2 years out as a clinician. My primary goal as an early clinician was to best develop my clinical skills and expand my tool box as much as possible. I was having difficulties with clinical outcomes when applying a lot of the stuff from my manual therapy background at University of _________. I was always eager to try X and Y manual therapy techniques and "fixing the tissue" and was not always consistent. Moreover, I was running into problems with the chronic persistent pain population and having poor outcomes and scratching my head. Most importantly, I had problems with confidence as I kept looking for mentors and not having that quest completed.

Since I went through the Modern Pain Care program, I have found massive success by recognizing the context of care, modifying my communication and altering my clinical environment and edifying my staff better. I am now seeking to optimize care for my clients as a solo practitioner.


What do our students say?

This program is amazing and should be strongly considered for anyone that wants to enhance their skill set. It’s a great introduction for people new to the pain science realm and builds significantly on that for those that already have experience. The mentors in the process truly care about you and your learning. The format of the course allows you to learn in a number of different ways. I highly recommend it!!

Alex Contner

Physical Therapist

Alex Contner

Physical Therapist

My experience with Modern Pain Care  have all exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend this online course as a great opportunity to learn and discuss many concepts in pain science with Mark Kargela and Jarod Hall.  It was a great experience all knowledge shared by these pain educators and made a huge difference in my clinical reasoning and clinical practices. Thank you, guys.

Other Courses I’ve taken have been beneficial, but never as easy to apply directly to clinical practice as this. This is a must take course for all Physical Therapists and for any other medical professionals treating patients in pain. We need to spread this content to as many people as possible to improve upon our care of people living in pain and improve the opioid epidemic. I am beyond grateful for Modern Pain Care’s time and mission!

Trevor Hirsch

Physical Therapist

Trevor Hirsch

Physical Therapist

I got asked to speak at the annual CA physical medicine and rehabilitation conference in Long Beach, CA thanks to all the increased knowledge I got from being part of your program 😄 The pain physician I work with at the chronic pain program I’m a part of invited me to speak after hearing the last presentation I gave about pain and he loved it!

Michael Aquino

Physical Therapist

Michael Aquino

Physical Therapist

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CEU Approved

Approved for 25.50 CEU hours through the Arizona Physical Therapy Association.  Accepted in 30 states.  See FAQs below for details

Workbook & Checklists

Workbooks and checklists that will help you truly apply what you are learning in practice. 

Learn at Your Own Pace - LIFETIME ACCESS

No deadlines so you can learn at your own pace when it fits in your busy life.  You will get immediate all course updates as science pushes us


You will have access to the #LEGIONOFCHANGE online community where you will  have access to like-minded clinicians and MPC instructors to share research, discuss cases, and more.

Module One - Pain Fundamentals

Develop the foundations of pain neurophysiology and theory to have you better able to develop stories and metaphors based on concepts in this module.

Module Two - The Patient Perspective - The Lived Experience

Our best teachers are our patients.  Listen to our collection of lived experiencers who lend us an important perspective that is massively helpful in better understanding and helping those in pain

Module Three - Exploring Sleep

Sleep has been an emerging topic in the care of those in pain.  Get a detailed look at the science of sleep and pain with some practical ways to incorporate sleep into your practice.

Module Four - Contextual Architecture

Learn all that goes into creating a clinical context to maximize change with your patients.  The science behind placebo, nocebo, and meaning responses is discussed and practical application of these concepts are discussed. 

Module Five - Communication

"Soft skills" are anything but soft.  Learn motivational interviewing, acceptance and commitment, and overall psychologically-informed principles of pain care practice.

Module Six - Exercise in Light of Modern Science

Learn the science behind pain neuroscience education and practical application strategies with examples to help you apply PNE in your practice. 

Module Seven - The Patient Management Blueprint

Our Patient Interview Workbook, Patient Examination Workbook, and  Complete Treatment Workbook will give you a framework to apply current pain science throughout your patient interaction. 

Module Eight - Manual Therapy in Light of Modern Science

There has been a lot of criticism of manual therapy.  Where does it fit in pain care?  This module will discuss what science tells us manual therapy is capable of and not capable of.  You will learn a modern science approach to manual therapy care. 

Module Nine - Exercise in Light of Modern Science

Exercise is one of the most powerful interventions we have for pain.  Learn details on why exercise works and how to best apply it in your practice. 

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If at any time in the first 30 days we aren't delivering on our promise to bring some serious value to your practice then cancel and get a full refund. 

Frequently Asked Questions

No we do not have a trial, but you have 30 days to trial the course and decide if it is giving you the value we promise then simply.  You can request a full refund in within 30 days of purchase.

Simply contact [email protected] and we can supply you with all the materials needed to submit to your state body for CEU approval. 

Alaska, Arizona. Colorado ,Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

Some states still do not require continuing education for re-licensure. In addition, some states do not perform verification of continuing education material. Please check with your state physical therapy association or state PT board for more details.

If your state is not listed we can provide you materials to submit for approval to your state board or body that oversees applications for CEU credit


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