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Are You a Responsible Pain Modulator

Are You a Responsible Pain ModulatorAs I have read further and further into the neuroscience literature in search of an explanation for a lot of the effect we see as far as treatment is concerned, a common topic seems to always arise – conditioned pain modulation.  Conditioned pain modulation (CPM) is a test of the […]

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Time to Change Your Filter?

Time to Change Your Filter?The following is a quote from an article by Mark Jones (1) that was discussing implementing the biopsychosocial model in clinical practice: No matter how much we may think we have an accurate sense of our practice, we are stymied by the fact that we are using our own interpretive filters to […]

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If I Had a Career Rewind

If I Had a Career RewindRecently I have been peeking at the DPT student facebook page and it brought back some memories of my early days in the profession.  Some memories I look back fondly on and others I cringe thinking about and want to grab the old me by the neck and shake some […]

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Let Criticism Set Your Brain Free

Let Criticism Set Your Brain FreeAs physical therapists we live in sort of a tribal society. Our professional journeys have many of us seeking explanations and frameworks to make sense of the clinical world that black and white textbooks in PT school fail to define. We tend to group together with those who share our beliefs […]

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The Seductive “Woo” of Short-Term Changes

The Seductive “Woo” of Short-Term ChangesI had the following video shared to me on a social media network that really stimulated my thinking.  It is by Andreo Spina, a chiropractor showing how adaptable and changeable our nervous system is to input. Short-term changes can be impressiveThis video causes me to think back on how many […]

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