F*** Our Differences!!!

blog Nov 02, 2020

Are we all the same? Are we all different? Are we all the same but different? I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately and my current opinion, take it or leave it, is that the bulk of what we fight over and spend so much time studying are small things that just don’t really matter all that much in the grand scheme of patient care.

After a lot of contemplation, some painful growth, some excruciating feedback, and long looks in the mirror, I’m confident that if we could zoom...

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Can Pain Science and Biomechanics Get Along???

blog Apr 30, 2020


Join CJ Depalma, Jarod Hall, and Mark Kargela as they discuss whether pain science and biomechanics can get along.

Some great points are discussed that should help you navigate this relationship in your practice.

The blog by Joel Seedman is the reference point for this discussion.  BEWARE - CRAZY LONG BLOG - CHECK IT OUT HERE

Todd Hargrove's response blog is well referenced and respectful - CHECK IT OUT HERE

Jarod, Sam Spinelli, and Tim Rowland have a nice discusssion on the topic...

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The Best Papers of 2019!!!

blog Jan 02, 2020

We always are looking at ways to exit our own echo chamber and get an idea of what others' opinions and views on things are.  When it comes to research this is no different.  We all tend to interpret and apply research differently.  

So we put out a post on social media to ask for what people felt were the most impactful papers of 2019 for them.  Take a look at the list below with the linked papers.  There are definitely some great papers to help make an immediate...

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Mark and Jarod Hate Manual Therapy

blog Oct 07, 2019

“Mark and Jarod hate manual therapy”. If we had a dollar for every time we’ve heard this eavesdropping on conversations, been told this directly to our face or via social media, or found that other clinicians were berating us behind our back about our “disdain” for manual therapy we certainly wouldn’t have to work near so many long days and over 40 hour weeks.

The most interesting tid-bit about this...

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blog Sep 19, 2019

Listen as Jarod Hall shares a lecture on 9 things every person should know about pain!

Make sure you check out the PDF that you can share with patients in your practice to help have conversations to help them make sense of their often frustrating and confusing journey. 



Your PAIN is real 

Don’t ever let anyone tell you it isn’t

PAIN is an experience not a sensation

Contrary to popular belief, pain does not come in from the body and go up to...

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Painful Reflections

blog Aug 19, 2019

Well… It’s been a long while since I sat down and wrote anything more than a post for social media, text message, or clinical daily note. I’m not even sure if anyone reads blog articles anymore with the Instagram anatomy picture canned exercise craze and fitness model boomerang dances taking the world over.


But alas, I wanted to put some thoughts down in a deeper and more reflective format that 60 second videos and big text eye catching slides simply can’t...

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